Check out this excellent app to know more about British English Vocabulary, Accents and more

Today we’re reviewing an app for learning English, which helps you learn more about British Vocabulary, accents and grammar.

Carry your English teacher wherever you go, download this application from iTunes

iTunes Link:

For Android Users, this application will be available soon in a week.

This application is bundled with features; let us see what make this app an interesting one,

- 10 Lessons which is used in day to day life, in each lessons you see sub-chapters and Real-Life Conversations based on that particular category.

10 Lessons

For Example:

- (Speech) Under weather, I could see categories like Comparing climates, Forecast, cold and hot. When you select, let say I’m selecting Forecast: Sun,  for example, you can read the transcript while listening to the audio at the same time.


(Conversation) In addition to the above there are also conversation chapters available with this application, to help develop our listening comprehension and vocabulary skills. When you switch over to Lessons like travel, you can see two people conversing with each other, each with a different UK accent.

- And each lesson has two difficulty levels.



We spoke to Sancar Sahin, from and he informed us that there are more lessons planned for future updates with accents from different English speaking countries (USA, Australia, Canada etc) and also additional modules (Business English, etc…).

Listen for just 10 minutes a day and greatly improve your English, quickly and naturally.

- There is also option to change the accent style from 12 profiles available (Accents based on location). Where you can listen to a preview of how their accent sounds.


- At the end of each chapter there is an option to mark whether you have understood the conversation, if not you can listen to it once again.



We hope you found this application useful. Don’t forget that for the first month of its launch this application will be free to download. To download this app click on this link.

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