Let It Shop Android App- Review

The advantages of having someone with you to help with shopping will be really great. They will prepare a list, make an estimate of how much you will have to pay, sort out things in a particular order and adjust your shopping cart in tune with your budget and do even more,. But, reality is you can seldom find an ideal human candidate to do all that. And if you do find someone who will really do all that, then you may have to shell out more money than your budget itself. Don’t despair, there is help coming your way through means of an app called ‘Let it shop,’ specially made for taking care of your shopping on a budget.

When the app is in your Android driven phone, you can delegate the entire job to it. That means you can keep yourself to comparing products and those little interesting things like deciding what your family will love. You don’t have to be a homemaker to use the app. It works wonderfully well for students and even for gentlemen who occasional do shopping without their spouse. The most wonderful thing about the app is its great interface and the multiple list preparation ability. That means everyone in your family can make an independent list, and when it is time to shop, you can consolidate them into one or still better, shop each one alone.

What you will find so fascinating is the way the app tracks your purchase in tune with the budget. That means you will no longer have to worry about overshooting your budget and straying away from the list and making impulse purchases. The other advantage of having a separate app for the purpose of shopping is that they let you track the expenses month after month and compare prices. The advantage of comparing is that you can switch brands should you find that your store is charging you exorbitantly. Another advantage of the app is you can use it for comparing prices across different stores where you make your purchases.


However, what you may not like is the lack of barcode reading abilities of the app. Had it been there it would have allowed you to store prices straight away into your Android phone without you having to key in the prices individually. But you shouldn’t consider this a big shortcoming because it is free to use. Still another feature that is sure to grab your attention is it can predict text for you. Just type a few letters and the rest will be keyed in automatically if you choose it.

Although the interface is attractive and utility oriented, you can still choose something that is particularly suited to your needs by customizing it to take care of your habits. Another great feature is the menu and still better is the settings interface. The different controls have all been made with the users in mind and it is very much obvious that the developers have taken special care to study shopping habits.

Let It Shop is a must for you, at least for two good reasons. One it does away with the need to carry lots of paper lists that can be easily forgotten or lost and second you will be helping to make the earth a greener place by using less of paper. You can download the app at http://www.androidtapp.com/let-it-shop/ and install it with little effort. For those who are technically inclined and would like to know a little more about the app, they can visit GooglePlay , where full information is available regarding bug fixes and improvements made to the previous release.

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