LG”s first FHD smartphone codenamed GK, to be launched in Spring – Optimus G 2 in Autumn

Yesterday we say the Optimus G Pro which was an Full HD featured smartphone and now we have got the Code name of the company’s first Full HD featured smartphone. The code name is GK which is said to hold 5.5 inch display and Quad core processor. It was also told that it will be launching in Spring. We expected it to be the Optimus G 2, but the source has said that the this is not the Optimus G 2 and also told that Optimus G 2 will be launching in Autumn. So next, We thought that the code name of G Pro is GK but G Pro comes with 5 inch display and GK comes with 5.5 inch display. So, now the question is, Is LG planning to release three Full HD featured smartphones in this year i.e GK, Optimus G Pro and Optimus G 2?. Anyway atleast one FHD smartphone will be announced at MWC 2013.LG Logo

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