Panasonic’s Upcoming ‘P-02E’ Android Smartphone – First Look

2013 has now come and we are opening the door and welcoming it into our lives. What does it bring with it? This question conveys different meanings to different aspects of life, but to techies, it means the array of digital devices that are just about to pop out with plenty of surprising features. A new year doesn’t always mean that there will be major breakthroughs, however, we can expect new devices from unexpected sources. Let’s see what Panasonic is up to.

We do not know many of the specifications of this device. Therefore, we will have to visualize a typical Panasonic device with the few specifications we were able to get. Some of its features were revealed from a server log from Panasonic. The phone will have a 1920×1080 pixel display, which clearly tells that it will be a high-end device. You could expect at least a 5-inch display for this resolution. It will run on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean which only makes it sound more exciting. Panasonic P-02E will come with wireless charging capabilities, likely of a high-end phone.


Though it has connectivity features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, it also has LTE and NFC support. We could assume that it would be waterproof, but we can’t be sure unless Panasonic reveals it. It will run on a quad core 1.5GHz APQ8064 Snapdragon S4 Processor. In other words, a friendly processor for hard-core gaming. You can confidently install as many apps as you want and enjoy multitasking without a slight slowing down. Another good news is that it has mobile TV connectivity. It will have a retractable antenna to pick up signals and you can make your on-the-go days more enjoyable by watching TV.

As it is Panasonic which is making the device, we can expect a pretty and nice camera. They will definitely want to show off their camera making skills by providing a quality camera that will help you take high quality pictures and videos. This justifies the high resolution screen. It will be a shame if Panasonic doesn’t provide a nice camera. As Panasonic is trying to fix their losses, we can’t expect them to ship P-02E to other countries. It will be confined to Japanese boundaries and so there is no point in getting too excited about this device.

NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese carrier, has agreed to offer the device. Therefore, there’re only slim chances of the device hitting the shelves overseas. Design-wise, it will be thin and cool because Panasonic has always taken care to give customers gorgeous gadgets. The specifications tell us that it is going to be a big leap for Panasonic if they plan out the features well. Though we can’t get our hands on the device even after its launch, we can just check out what impact it is going to create. There’s not much we can do, but just sit tight and watch the show. Wait with high hopes as companies are almost ready to unwrap the devices this 2013.

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