Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Tablet – First Look

The race for supremacy in tablet manufacturing was very noticeable at the Mobile World Congress 2013 going on in Barcelona at present. Samsung has launched its latest gizmo, the Galaxy Note 8 Tablet. It is compact and weighs just over 300 grams, but has considerable features that will tickle the senses of electronic buffs.

A touch of class

The S Pen stylus that’s part of the deal adds an element of class to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Tablet. It improves user-experience despite its compact design. With minimum pressure the touchscreen responds instantly. A new functionality has been added to S Pen. When the stylus is hovered over live tiles they respond by showing the latest updates and news for that particular app.

Galaxy Note 8 Tablet

The touch sensors match those of high end devices in the market today. When it has 1.6GHz processing speed coupled with Android Jelly Bean 4.1.1 operating system, response time of the device cannot be faulted. Of course, if the stylus had an in-built microphone, it would have been the ultimate luxury!

The 8 inch touchsceen has a resolution of 1280×800, which seems a little less than other competing brands. A new function makes the tablet suitable as a reader. The screen automatically adjusts the contrast so that you can read ebooks with greater clarity. The 5 Megapixel camera can also be used for video-conferencing. Functions like automatic focus and stabilization of image will be very useful for novice photographers. It also has the capability of detecting familiar faces that have been clicked before. With a 2GB random access memory, you won’t need to shut the camera to take a call or check mail or message. Multitasking will be a seamless and smooth process.

Galaxy Note 8 Tablet comes with two options – 16GB internal memory or 32GB. Both the models have microSD extendable memory card slots. It has other advanced capabilities like:

v  2G, 3G as well as 4G spectrum compatibility.

v  Video streaming will be a lag-free process with the Wi-Fi connectivity.

v  As it is pre-loaded with Bluetooth 4.0, you can comfortably transfer data from the Galaxy Note 8 Tablet to any other device even if it has a different operating system and/or has only NFC connectivity.

Always there for you

Wi-Fi Hotspot capability makes it an anytime anywhere device that works on the go. You needn’t worry about battery life. A massive 4600 mAh battery promises durability despite extensive usage. The tablet supports satellite navigation with the 3G networks. For those who travel very frequently for business or pleasure mapping and location finders will prove to be worthy companions.

The TouchWiz user interface gives the tablet a phone like functionality as well. Galaxy Note 8 Tablet carries the latest version of TouchWiz, Nature UX, which has more advanced features. You can switch between two homescreens with this app. It is compact in size and has smooth edges. So besides functions, looks-wise too it can very easily make your smartphone redundant. Besides, it is also packed with functions like motion detection, proximity sensors, tilting and panning, etc. With all its advanced features, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 Tablet seems set to capture the market as usual.

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