The Latest Sony Tablet P: A New Dawn for Tablet Users

When Sony announced to introduce the market to their new tablet P, there was quite a lot of buzz. And when it has finally reached the market, one would find quite a number of appreciable features. The tablet P has two displays. Each piece is 5.5 inches and thus one gets a screen large enough to make pout the fine texts in detail. With a foldable display one can now carry this tablet anywhere across with him. All you have to do is put it inside your pocket or handbag. Moreover, the android-enabled device would help you stay online, by using the AT&T’s 4G network.

Latest Sony Tablet P

The Look

The TruBlack panel, which forms the outer cover of the Tablet, gives it a classy and elegant look. The device also has a robust built. One can rest assured that this device has a far better appearance than a number of tablets, which crowd the market today.

The Functioning

As far as the working of the device is concerned, it has been impressive so far. You might apparently be a bit confused by the dual screen. But, their purpose is to offer optimized service and entertainment. You can now check your email on a screen while browsing the net on the other. The moment you wish to type, just turn one of the screens into a virtual keyboard. Alternatively, you can also work on screen while play a gem on the other. You just need to open it flat to turn the two screens into one.

The Various Beneficial Features

A spontaneous user interface and a receptive touch panel are made possible by the latest technologies used by Sony. Therefore, you are now just a few clicks away from the favorite things you wish to do on internet. The access to Goggle Play, helps you leaf through a number of amusing applications. Every particular Google tool and mobile service would be easily accessible to you all.

The Sony Tablet P has a core of 1 GB RAM and NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor. Thus, one can conclude that the devices powerful enough to serve basic computing jobs and handle the mobile tools with the least effort. It shows no irregularities, as is done by a number of other tablets available.

The device possesses two cameras, one at the front (1.0.3 megapixel) while the other is at the back (1.5.0 megapixel). It is run by a Li-Ion 3080mAH battery, which helps the device sustain for about 7 hours at a go. Other beneficial features of the Tablet are Wi-Fi capabilities of IEEE802.11b/g/n and a support Bluetooth of 2.01 +EDR. Speaking of storage capacities there is an internal storage capacity of 1.84 GB along with a microSD card of 2 GB.

One would not be done with appreciating the Sony Tablet P if he doesn’t mention the fact that the device is compatible with the PC speakers, the HDTV etc. The Music Unlimited app on the other hand helps you listen to millions of songs from any genre you can think of. There is also the Reader Store, and by using it you can access to any of the latest bestsellers. With the help of the dual screen, one can read a book just the way; you would have read a paper book.

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