Verizon and AT&T Blackberry Z10 leaks – Parts appears on Web [Video]

We have already saw the leaked images of Blackberry 10 running devices Blackberry Z10 and Blackberry X10. Now, Blackberry Z10 for Verizon and AT&T has been leaked which is shown below. It is compared with iPhone 4S as shown. The left device clearly shows the carrier logo which confirms that it will be coming to Verizon but the other device which is on right is said to be for AT&T. The Blackberry Z10 and X10 is expected to debut on January 30 in the Blackberry 10 event.

We have already saw a Blackberry 10 device with AT&T LTE support with model number RFF91LW passed FCC. So, this device which made appearance in FCC may be the device which is shown below. Another device with model number RFH121LW has also passed FCC.Verizon and AT&T Blackberry Z10 leaksAlong with this image we have also got the video which shows off the parts of Blackberry Z10.

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